Gamers alike, we must unite and play, discuss, review and grade the games. We are gamers from a small town in North Carolina, but of course with the internet it doesn’t matter where we are based. Back to gaming, enjoy…..


Classic NES

Check out the classic Nes produced by Nintendo. It holds up to more than 30 games and it can be linked immediately to your pc via an HDMI cable.

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What is it

Ever got confused by Nintendo, with their Wii, Wii U. We too. It’s very complicated to find out what it really is. In short.

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Playstation VR

Playstation has a completely new experience for its players. A VR experience. And it will be off the hook, a crazy awesome experience.

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The gamers!

We are the almost infamous games on the web E-W-A. We are three guys coming all the way from North Coralina.

That's where we started and where we found our passion for gaming. Back in the attic of our parents, later in the garage and then in our own studio. Living only on snacks and sodas we became the professionals. It's not easy to be and stay on top. All the money that goes into your own investment can be quite steep. And then of course investing in a game, which in a future time can be outdated. But being expats here is definitely worth it.

We learned a lot from our time here. It has been a crazy journey from where we started and to where we ended up. And we aren't even on the half yet. We will go much much further. In our blog we also want to give you readers a peek into our lives. Our gaming lives, our expat lives and also the serious lives here. For example with seriousness all the pointers to which you really should pay attention to is getting all your preparations in order, for example get your insurance information right. There are many very good ones with a great reputation. You have to find a
good international health insurances out there but you have to do your research. It's the same in the gaming industry. You have to do your research about the game, the arena, the players, your team but also the opposite team. That last part is maybe even more important than your own team.

We are looking forward to all the new Games and all the new Hardware .


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